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Leo LOVES mazes. You’ll see a LOT of mazes in these posts. This morning we did a random maze color game using colored pens, dice, paper (obviously), and a timer.

Here’s how it works: The pens are manipulatives. (We actually use pens as manipulatives a lot. They’re much more interesting than manipulatives that are all alike, and you can use them for downstream activities once you’ve manipulated them…like we are doing here!) So, there happened to be 24 pens, which Leo figured out required 4 dice. (Actually, he originally multiplied two dice, getting 36 and was worried that there weren’t enough pens, but I decided that we’d do addition instead of multiplication.)

So, throw four dice; add them up; choose the indicated pen; start the timer; color for a minute; repeat. Actually, to minimize boringness of colors we set aside each color when we use it, and all the colors that are very close to it. We therefore have to count around when the number rolled is greater than the number of pens, but it also gives us a natural stopping point, being when you run out of pens!

Here’s this morning’s result:


(I’m showing a minute glass in the photo, but we actually used my iPhone timer. It’s just a bit hard to use the iPhone to take a picture OF the iPhone!)