In another post I promised to say more about Chemist by THIX. This is a terrific simulated lab kit — a great concept, executed well. It is by far and away the chemistry app with the most educational potential, but at the same time, and by the same virtue, it’s incredibly frustrating. The problem is that it has a very limited reaction database, so you can’t really explore by randomly mixing things together, as nearly nothing actually reacts together because the NxN combinatorial space is quite sparse. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if there was any sort of guidance, or a wizard of some sort that would suggest interesting reaction sequences. A great example of this is another app that I mentioned in that other postGoReact, from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Although GoReact is WAY more limited than Chemist, when you put an atom into the work area in GoReact it suggests others to react with it. So, although GoReact has a much more limited library of reactions, it’s a much more useful learning tool than Chemist, esp. for a youngster.