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As part of our METALS (STEAM+Logic) initiative, Su created a clever Hopscotch game called The Scary Square of Opposition:


You play it like our earlier games, clicking on the monsters to rotate them, and then clicking on the check to check your answer, but in this game, instead of trying to match a rule, you can set any configuration, and the game tells you which rules apply:




I played it with Leo a bit, and he got it right away (not the logical expressions, of course).

Some Internal Details

Here’s the top of the scoring function, which is the most painful part of the code that scores the monster positions:


because Hopscotch has no abstraction, you have to run through every monster with a duplicate of this code, so it goes on for pages and pages and is like a pile of mud, whereas with a little abstraction capability this would be simple, short, and clear as rainwater.

Oh well. I looked at a bunch of other options for programming this stuff, and Hopscotch is so great in so many other ways, that it wasn’t worth giving those up for programming convenience.