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Continuing the theme of kids should code their own video games, crossed with science ed, Leo recently watched a really great short video about the immune system, and wanted to program an immune system game, so here you go:


When you click “break skin” the little arrow shoots across, and little poops (representing bacteria) emanate from the “cut” and start dancing randomly toward the right of the screen, which you have to keep from getting there by using your immune tools: Macrophages, Killer Calls, and Dendritic Cells.


The Macrophages only move from left to tight in a straight line when you click them, and can only destroy ten poops (bacteria), and the bacteria killed by the macrophages keep coming back, so you’ll eventually be overwhelmed by them if all you use is the macrophages. Next you have the Killer Cells (the spiral), which, when you click it, picks a random part of the space and clears it of bacteria, and the bacteria do NOT regrow. But the Killer Cells aren’t targeted until you click the dendritic cell, which draws a line to indicate targeting, and then when you click on the killer cell, it goes right to the bacteria and wipes it out!