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In another post I sang the praises of BrainPop, which costs a tiny amount of money, and is well worth the price! But there’s also lots of great free educational material out on YouTube. I’m not talking about the horrible, boring, education-and-mind destroying videos from any of the many MOOC panderers, nor from the academy whose name I won’t even mention in order so as not to give them link strength, but whose initials are KA.

Rather, there are some extremely well made, intelligent — sometimes brilliant — often hysterically funny, and always engaging educational videos available for free on YouTube. I obviously don’t have time to describe them all, nor even to watch them all!. Below I just give a bunch of links to some great examples, and you can generalize for yourself.

The one standout that deserves a little explanation is, TED Ed. Now, the main TED talks are, IMHO, a pile of self-aggrandizing, blow-hard, badly-made, marketing crap. (To be fair, there are some good TED talks, but they’re few and far between. The only one that comes to mind is this one: Arthur Benjamin: Lightning calculation and other “Mathemagic”) But please don’t confuse TED with TED EdTED Ed is completely different. Here are some great examples of TED Ed:

So Even if you hate TED talks as much as I do, I encourage you to give TED Ed a look.

Okay, enough about TED Ed. I’m sorry that I don’t have the energy to sing the praises quite as highly for these others as I have for TED Ed, but you should check these out, because they’re often as good, and sometimes better than some of the TED Eds. (The TED Eds are just consistently of amazing quality, whereas these others are good, sometimes great, but not as consistently great as TED Ed.)

I’m just going to give a bunch somewhat intentionally unorganized links below; I encourage you to explore more of each similar vids, and please if you have others, don’t hesitate to comment and add them.

So, without further blather, here below please find a smattering of youtube that I think is great (but you’ll make up your own mind, of course):

20150929 update: This came across my desk care of a gentle reader. I haven’t had time to check them all out yet: