I’m trying to use Minecraft for good, and not evil.

(Yes, we are doing redstone computing; it’s just that writing a post on it is taking me a while!)

So, I had the brilliant idea to build a Minecraft model of historical events, and then Leo suggested that you could actually make the timeline of the event — for example the timeline of a war — into a Minecraft obstacle course!

Our first foray into this is the Minecraft American Revolution:

We started out studying the timeline of major events in the revolution:


And Leo started building. He’s only got a little way so far, but here’s a bird’s eye view of the events from the end of the French-Indian war through the British sailing into Boston harbor:


The area on the left is the startpoint, and the blue building is the French-Indian war, which is full of minecraft zombies that you have to fight your way through.

If you make it through there, you are presented with these signs:


representing the taxes that were the linchpin events that ignited the war. You have to actually knock down these signs in order to get to the door behind, which opens onto Boston harbor full of British…er…zombies:


And that’s as far as we’ve got, but the concept seems to work well, esp. for wars. Leo’s trying to build one or two events in the timeline each day.

By the way, using Minecraft for historical events is not at all new. Here, for example, is an out-of-control re-enactment of a lot of the detail about the American Revolution, but as far as I know, representing the timeline as an obstacle course is a novel insight due to Leo.

(The coolest part is going to be when we get to the Declaration of Independence. We’re going to write the whole thing out — or the relevant bits anyway — in Minecraft signs, and then you’ll have to add a sign with your name to sign it yourself! 🙂 )