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This year I’ve been making a concerted effort to “climb the mountain of algebra” with Leo through physics (like some sort of Newtonian Julie Andrews*). One way into this that works extremely well in motivational terms is (unfortunately) via MineCraft. Here’s an early example of using MineCraft to motivate some algebra. This week we did an interesting problem on Newton’s second law. (That’s the F=MA one, in case you don’t remember the order!) The pages are reproduced below, and if you click any of them, they link to a downloadable powerpoint which contains a bunch of “fun” math worksheets, including these (although, of course, “fun” is in the eye of the student).


By the way, although there really is a MineCraft Mod called “Mekanism”, which has a lot of cool stuff, like lasers and a fusion reactor, it doesn’t actually have an REB … I made that up!

(*) This is an oblique reference to the wonderful movie “In The Loop”. Search for “Climb the mountain of conflict”, and watch the youtube video. I won’t link to it because it’s slightly NSFW (“strong language”, as they say), and definitely NSFK! But if you’re an adult, it’ll make you truly lol!