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We ran out of camps this summer, so I decided to keep Leo home this week and do intensive programming “camp” (sort of like Chem Camp, but just with Leo.)  Also, I’m finally making good on my theory that kids should only be allowed to play computer games that they program themselves.

The rest of this post (with the exception of the * footnote and related content), is Leo’s own words:

Pycraft is a project I (Leo) have been working on with daddy. We started this about 2 weeks ago and it has gone very well! Here is a link to the github repo(*) with the code. Feel free to post issues, it would be useful! Known issues: If you click while moving it crashes, and you can erase the text at the top.

What I learned so far: Python programming, git-based version control(*), curses based graphics(*).

Coolest hack: Pythagorean theorem distance calculations(*)

Next steps: Survival, and eventually going to more sophisticated graphics(*), probably via pygame. 

Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 4.36.32 PM

(* Indicates were I (daddy) had to provide the correct name for something, so this is my (daddy’s) words, not Leo’s)