(Leo had to write an essay introducing himself to his math teacher. We were reading “The Friendly Book”, by Margaret Wise Brown, to Ada, and got the idea to do a math poem in that style. Leo mostly wrote this himself, although I made some suggestions about rhyming and meter.)

I Like Math
   By Leo Armel
       (In the style of Margaret Wise Brown)

I like math

I like numbers
Big numbers
Little numbers
Rational and irrational numbers
Negative and positive numbers
Simple and complex numbers
Integers and reals
I like numbers

I like Pi
Root pi
e to the i pi
Pi r squared
Blueberry pie
I like pi

I like logs
Log base 2
Log base 3
Log base 10
Log base e
I like logs

I like shapes
Circles, squares and right triangles
1D 2D 3D shapes
Regular and irregular shapes
Fractals and monster shapes
Concave and convex shapes
I like shapes

I like graphs
Line graphs
Bar charts
Pie charts
Error bars
I like graphs

I like operators
Plus minus times divide
Roots and powers
Integrals and derivatives
Factorials and combinations
I like operators

I like functions
Linear functions
Exponential functions
Quadratic functions
Trig functions
I like functions

I like angles
Acute angles
Right angles
Obtuse angles
Straight angles
Reflex angles
I like angles

I like calculators
Programmable calculators
Graphing calculators
Wolfram Alpha and online calculators
Human brains
I like calculators

I like math